We have a long history  in creating the most successful live shows and we have been playing with interactivity for over 20 years. It has enabled us to be at the forefront of the new Metaproof world where digital and physical melt into one.

SHOOTTHEARTIST has been at the birth of EDM mega shows with Tiesto and David Guetta.  We have been the very epicenter of rock&roll with the acclaimed rock show Gutterdämmerung featuring rock royalty like Iggy Pop, Quotsa, Mötorhead and Slash.  We created shows for pop diva Grace Jones and recently also embraced the Hip Hop and Rap universe.  Check it out!

Long and short form commercials, multiplot or multiscreen, we have a proven track record of it all, with award winning films in both interactive  and classic media for brands like Porsche, Condé Nast, Nike or Adidas.

We have created multi platform concepts, fashion films, digital and physical fashion shows for top designers and high-end fashion industry names like Vogue Italia, Elite top models, ...

We have expanded our group with a AAA Swedish based team of creative technologists, specializing in UX design, gaming, AR and VR.

We are currently working on some stunning algorithmic and blockchain concepts that will feature later this year.  Keep your eyes peeled!


EFFI award wining phygital concept. A combination of cinematography and gamification. Event agency DDMC asked Shoottheartist to come up with a viable alternative for the annual motor show. By combining high end cinematography and cinema robots, both viewer and sales agents could simultaneously connect and navigate around real cars. The usage of real cars instead of 3D cars made the emotional journey a first in online experiences. The incredible sales generated by this data harvesting online tool rocked the sky and made the physical motor show 'obsolete'.  Cinematography and gamification by Shoottheartist.


Conceptual design for a worldwide streaming event for Motive partners commissioned by Mood & Mind studio.  

Mood & Mind studio asked Shoottheartist to create a high end look design that matches with the flamboyant fin-tech guru Rob Heyvaert.  Shoottheartist chose the amazing architecture of Vincent Van Duysen to be the gateway between the physical world and the digital world by creating cinematic neon portals in real architecture and mixing cinematic techniques with real time streaming to multiple countries, in one event.

Due to discretion for our client's content we can only give you a glimpse of the esthetics framing this high tech streaming event.