We have a long history  in creating the most successful live shows and we have been playing with interactivity for over 20 years. It has enabled us to be at the forefront of the new Metaproof world where digital and physical melt into one.

SHOOTTHEARTIST has been at the birth of EDM mega shows with Tiesto and David Guetta.  We have been the very epicenter of rock&roll with the acclaimed rock show Gutterdämmerung featuring rock royalty like Iggy Pop, Quotsa, Mötorhead and Slash.  We created shows for pop diva Grace Jones and recently also embraced the Hip Hop and Rap universe.  Check it out!

Long and short form commercials, multiplot or multiscreen, we have a proven track record of it all, with award winning films in both interactive  and classic media for brands like Porsche, Condé Nast, Nike or Adidas.

We have created multi platform concepts, fashion films, digital and physical fashion shows for top designers and high-end fashion industry names like Vogue Italia, Elite top models, ...

We have expanded our group with a AAA Swedish based team of creative technologists, specializing in UX design, gaming, AR and VR.

We are currently working on some stunning algorithmic and blockchain concepts that will feature later this year.  Keep your eyes peeled!


The “Mother of Rock Opera’s” starring genuine rock stars. Grace Jones, Slash, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Lemmy Kilmister, Slayer, Queens of the Stone Age, Nina Hagen, Volbeat, Justice and Mark Lanegan. A show produced from film to stage by Shoottheartist. Created by Bjorn Tagemose, written by Henry Rollins.

Grace Jones

We are proud to have a long lasting creative friendship with the absolute iconic “living artwork of postmodernism” !
For the über diva of pop, art , film and fashion we created scenography, photography and show visuals.

CC ft Blackwave

Video for Collective Conscience ft Blackwave. Concept by Shoottheartist, filmed and directed by Bjorn Tagemose, 3D motion design by Stoav, post-production by Erik Peiren.

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop live at the Sydney Opera house April 2019.
Film production capturing this amazing live event for ‘the godfather of punk’ himself.
Production by SHOOTTHEARTIST, directed by Bjorn Tagemose

Juliette Lewis

Video for Juliette Lewis & The Licks. Concept by Shoottheartist. Filmed and directed by Bjorn Tagemose.
 Post-production and 3D by Saint Louis Paris.

Neon Shadow aka The Subs

Fashion film for Walter Van Beirendonck, created and produced by Shoottheartist, captured and directed by Bjorn Tagemose, music by The Subs, Neon Shadow 'gonzo' band created by Walter Van Beirendonck with One track brain, Kim Peers and Pixy Chang.


Video clip with prequel for electrorockband GOOSE for their single Run Away. Light technologie of the Audi A8 plays a prominent role in this story.
Created and produced by Shoottheartist for IO digital 
Directed by Bjorn Tagemose , Light engineer set videoclip Olivier Dumostier

David Guetta

Visual concept created and produced by Shoottheartist for David Guetta. The design featured a 360° projection on a giant metal ball. The screen behind created the illusion that the ball was rolling, twisting even though it was a static object. The concept was an inspiration for other DJ's.  Have a look at a small exclusive compilation we made of the test run.

Fedde Le Grand

Put your hands up for Detroit and …Fedde !
We worked on artist rebranding, show visuals and music videos for this legendary Dj.


Elements Of Live tour. The first big EDM tour in history. A massive mega viral hit in the early days of Youtube and the start of EDM in the USA after its reveal on Coachella. The complete show was designed and conceptualized by Shoottheartist and light designer Alain Corthout.


It does not always need to be high tech and digital to shoot a classic. This golden oldie was shot by us on beautiful 35mm Kodak film in the Californian Mohave desert.