Visual Storytelling

Long and short form commercials

‘The Dream’ for WeWantMore

A fictional long form advertising film for design agency WeWantMore.
The film teases the design dream that shaped the concept for the majestic luxury hotel “Château de Vignée” by WeWantMore.
It is the first of a trilogy that symbolizes the design proces in a fictional way. The films embody the creative spirit of this disruptive agency.
Written, shot and directed by Bjorn Tagemose.

Commercial for Vanity Fair

Directed by Bjorn Tagemose. DOP Crille Forsberg.
Produced by Shoottheartist and Jérémie Morichon for Jésus Agency Paris and Condé Nast


Cinematic interactive video experience and multiple commercials for Porsche.
Cinematography, film direction and 5D direction by Bjorn Tagemose. Digital event created & produced by Shoottheartist for DDMC Event Design. Commercials produced by Shoottheartist for Good Morning Agency

Dim Dining

A commercial blending food and tattoos in the most unexpected way.
Filmed and directed by Bjorn for Wunderman Thompson agency


Commercials directed by Bjorn Tagemose – DOP Mauro Chiarello




the Perfectionist

Fictional long form advertising film.
The second part of a trilogy made for design agency WeWantMore.
This film focuses on perfectionism in the design process personified by LA groomer Sheridan Ward who works with stars like Lana Del Rey, Nicole Kidman, Michele Williams and many others.
Written, shot and directed by Bjorn Tagemose.






Commercial for Paris’ most legendary underground magazine ‘Les Inrockuptibles’ Director/cinematographer Bjorn Tagemose
Agency Jésus Paris